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We believe in a world where value and ownership are transferred instantaneously and where no intermediaries are needed to guarantee the truthful record of transactions or digital information.

Delivering continuous data privacy compliance in a complex environment

The year of 2018 will be remembered as...

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The future of Energy Markets in Smart Cities with Distributed Ledger Technology

As some of you know, we are working on...

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What we are building

Fiat-Native Blockchain

Permissioned programmable blockchain allowing DApps to operate directly with fiat-money

Ownership Exchange

Decentralized market built on the Ethereum protocol allowing the sale & purchase of green energy certificates

Highly Available Tamper-Proof Audit Logs

An efficient, secure and always available technology to store sensitive audit logs

Decentralized Consent Management Platform

Decentralized platform to secure consents signed by users which can then be verified by external entities

Join us in 2019

We are welcoming programmers, entrepreneurs or small startups that, like us, truly believe in the future of decentralized solutions

  • Free Office Space in Lisbon

    We have a nice and cozy office that we want to share (for free) with the people/teams that show the most enthusiasm and the most promising blockchain projects.

  • Access to a Blockchain Experts Network

    We have built a substantial network of blockchain experts (and growing). By joining us, you will gain facilitated access to this network with whom you can share ideas, collect feedback and, who know maybe some lines of code for your project.

  • Digital Residency

    Would we have more space, more desks we would share. However, we are also happy to welcome people/projects digitally. You will be joining our Slack channel and have access to our network too.

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Fostering Blockchain Innovation throughout 2018

In our first year of life we won two important blockchain prizes in the Portuguese Blockchain Ecosystem.

Portuguese Blockchain Alliance Open Innovation Challenge

We are building a next generation privacy and personal data management platform that uses blockchain technology. We are moving towards a new paradigm of digital information where blockchain technology will be an essential component of any solution that works with critical information.

REN Energy Blockchain Challenge

We have conceptualized a decentralized marketplace built on the Ethereum protocol allowing the sale & purchase of green energy certificates.

We’ve been mentioned in major Media Publications

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