About Us

Founded in 2018, Blockbird Ventures mission is to disrupt businesses with innovative blockchain and cybersecurity solutions.

Through Blockbird Studio we are pioneering blockchain development in Portugal. We specialize in development and deployment of Ethereum Networks, end-to-end Decentralized Applications and Solidity Smart Contracts auditing and security.

Blockbird Labs is where we work on new product research and development, constantly looking for new innovations and engaging a broader community.

Blockbird Data is an in-house developed API-based software for protecting Applications against internal data breaches.

Jose Figueiredo

Co-Founder & Business

Miguel Pupo Correia

Founding Member & Scientific Advisor

Pedro Martins

Founding Member & Advisor

Jorge Pereira

Founding Member & Advisor

Michael Lynch

Engineering Partner - Data

Jose Gama

Data ScienCe Analyst


We're always looking for talent

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