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Corporate courses blockbird Bootcamp

Corporate Courses

The blockchain education market is flooded with courses, workshops and webinars promising the best learning materials. However, very few manage to offer well-thought, end-to-end experiences which are in accordance to each stage of a company decision making process:

Understanding | Analyzing | Implementing

At blockbird Academy, we do things differently.

blockbird Bootcamp

Coming Soon. In Lisbon.

A unique end-to-end blockchain experience that takes participants through an intense, well-thought blockchain bootcamp. Instead of acquiring knowledge through disperse unconnected courses, learners can expect to gain deep understanding of distributed ledger technology in interactive 6-day (technical track) and 3-day (non-technical track) programmes taught by experienced blockchain experts.


Technical Track | 6 days

The perfect path for every programmer wanting to become specialist in blockchain development. A thorough and well-structured programme which allows developers to gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of distributed ledger technology, before jump-starting into mastering the art of Hyperledger and Ethereum programming, as well as, understanding the available range of platforms, hosting methodologies, associated technologies and security issues paramount to the success of any proof of concept or enterprise deployment.


Non-Technical Track | 3 days

Start by getting familiar with blockchain and understand its potential. Then explore its use-cases in different industries and make use of our Strategic Framework to understand what type of blockchain is best for each application. Finally, navigate the blockchain regulatory landscape, before deep-diving into the Ethereum protocol and getting your hands dirty with stuff like blockchain node setup and basic smart contract deployment.

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What we do

blockbird Academy fosters an elite blockchain community of individuals and companies through education and strategic career connections.


Educating Individuals

We build vital skills at blockchain professional levels by collaborating and connecting with an elite network


Hiring Opportunities

We bridge the gap between job seekers and companies needing talent with relevant blockchain skills


Educating Companies

Customized staff training to advance employees and dedicated hiring pipeline to acquire blockbird Academy alumni


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