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Blockbird Data is now officially! This re-branding has been in the back of our heads for some time now and we finally decided to move forward. Although it might seem as just another re-branding, it means much more than that.

Blockbird Data (now started in October 2018 as a medical data concept aiming to give patients control over their own medical data using blockchain technology. In January 2019 we were starting our first pilot with St. Louis Hospital.

As time progressed and the concept matured, the need for blockchain technology seemed to be gradually loosing relevance as we were meeting and gathering feedback from different Organisations (Hospital Lusíadas, José de Mello Saúde, Clínicas Santa Madalena, Tranquilidade, Fidelidade, to name a few…). Additionally, the hurdles of a promising but still immature technology were hard to overcome and slowing us down.

On the other hand there seemed to be a clear need for an intelligent solution that would help these Organisations mitigate the risk of data breaches, which over the last 18 months have been increasnig drastically. And it’s easy to understand why:

  1. More and more data is being collected and generated
  2. Attackers are getting smarter and more sophisticated

This means that, in order to focus on other aspects of the product to address the problem more efficiently, we decided to completely ditch the use of blockchain technology.

As a consequence, by segregating from Blockbird Ventures we can also re-focus our work at Blockbird exclusively on Blockchain technology which is at the heart of our essence and intrenched in our mission.

So now both brands will follow separate roads with clearer goals and positioning which will allow them to stay true to their mission and vision. In common they will share the first 18 months of co-existence that will link them forever.

Stay tuned for more!

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