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Cybersecurity — The need for Behavioral Analytics solutions

Behavioral Analytics (BA) solutions have been in use for years outside of cybersecurity by companies like Netflix and Amazon to recommend new purchases based on past online behaviors. But in late 2013, Target’s infamous data breach made it apparent that BA systems had a place in cybersecurity.

The States’ investigation of the breach determined that cyberattackers gained access to Target’s computer gateway served through credentials stolen from a third-party vendor. Using the credentials to exploit weaknesses in Target’s system, the attackers gained access to a customer service database and stole 41 million customers’ credit card data as well as more than 60 million customers’ contact information.

The reality is that Target was in fact logging network activity data that contained records of hacking but the attack went unnoticed. Why? Because the data wasn’t being analysed by a BA solution. In other words, Target’s Security teams weren’t able to spot the abnormal behavior in the midst of overwhelming logging data.

So what does a cybersecurity BA solution do?


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