Stop attackers from stealing your data!

We build tailor-made Machine Learning Models to uncover suspicious data activity

Why use Blockbird Data

Start training your Data Breach Machine Learning Models today

Immediately know if a user data access is a potential threat.

  • Monitor data from inside your WebApps
  • Track connections to sensitive data by your own users
  • Focus on data that has been identified as sensitive
  • Remove the noise of normal network activity

Get more accurate at breach detection using Machine Learning

  • Harmonize collected data to start training your algorithm
  • Start gathering data access information per individual user and user group over time
  • Create custom-made alerts to start training your machine learning models
  • The more data you collect the better algorithms become at detecting an attacker

As attacks get more sophisticated, Organisations will necessarily require more intelligent security tools to protect their Data

1 %

of attackers have legitimate data access credentials*


Blockbird Data monitors data from within Webapps tracking users behaviour to detect suspicious data activity

1 %

of the attacks go by unnoticed*


Blockbird Data applies Machine Learning to make sense of the vast amounts of data access information and discover real privacy threats

1 %

of attacks target Customer and Employee Information*


Blockbird Data harmonizes collected data in order to remove the noise from normal network activity

How to get started in 5 steps!

  1. Schedule a Free Assessment
  2. Initial Meeting to learn more about your networks and systems
  3. Choose Application(s) to start monitoring
  4. Integration period
  5. Pilot to start gathering real data

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We're happy to help you understand in which ways your Organization can start applying Machine Learning to stop data breaches.
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