Behavioral Analytics Software that helps you prevent internal data breaches

Because 43% of data theft comes from internal users.

Organizations can now secure their applications against internal data breaches with our Behavioral Analytics Software

Use Behavioral Analytics to prevent internal data breaches

  • Learn how users are accessing Personal Data and flag suspicious behavior.
  • Graphical overview of Personal Data accesses, updates, deletes and downloads.
  • Filtering per Event Type, Personal Data Attribute, User Group or Individual User.
  • Build a baseline of Personal Data processing over time for enhanced intelligence.

Map Application's Personal Data

  • Compare Applications against each other.
  • Find out how many Data Subjects each Application is processing.
  • Understand what and how much Personal Data each Application is storing.

Identify and classify all Personal Data processed by Application

  • Do you know which tables each Application is querying and which attributes it is collecting?
  • Define what is Personal Data and what it’s not.
  • Tag and classify all Personal Data for an improved behavioral analysis.

Start using and protect applications against internal data breaches. Quick configuration and setup.

1. Configure your Database Access

Before we start the configuration setup, you will need to make some adjustments to your database access permissions, so that we can have access to it. Don’t worry, it’s really simple.


2. Platform Onboarding

Once you have adjusted your database permissions, you will continue with the configuration setup. During onboarding, you will help us map and classify all the Personal Data we have found in your Application schema.

3. Start Tracking User Behavior

Before you can access all Behavior Analytics, you will need to start tracking your custom Application with the libraries.


4. All Set!

You are ready to go. Your Personal Data is mapped and classified, your Application is tracking user behavior according to our privacy specifications.

You now have full access to

With the significant contribution of data breaches stemming from internal actors, organizations should look at this as a cautionary tale.

1 %

of data theft comes from Internal Actors*

1 %

of attacks target Customer and Employee Information*

1 %

Only half of data breaches are discovered by internal security teams*

1 %

of Cybersecurity Professionals feel that data loss prevention (DLP) technology could have prevented their past data breach incidents*

Continuous network monitoring and DLP technology displays a strong correlation with improved security posture and breach detection.

Organizations that continuously monitor their network for unusual or anomalous behavior are more likely to detect data breaches with internal resources.



  • Free access to:
  • Personal Data Governance (mapping and classification of personal data)
  • All Behavioral Analytics features including:
  • Tracking Events: accesses / updates / deletes / downloads
  • Filtering per Event Type
  • FIltering per Personal Attributes
  • Grouping by User Category
  • 5.000 Monthly Tracked Events*
  • 5-days Data History
  • 1 Account only


$280 / month per App
  • Everything in Starter plus:
  • Up to 10.000 Monthly Tracked Events*
  • 90-days Data History
  • Raw Data Export
  • Up to 5 Accounts


Custom Pricing
  • Everything in Standard plus:
  • Customizable Monthly Tracked Events*
  • Customizable Data History
  • Raw Data Export (customizable)
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Tailor-made Alerts and Notifications

* Monthly Tracked Events are calculated per Application. For each Application, MTUs are calculated as the total number of queries tracked.


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