We work on new product research and development, constantly looking for new innovations and engaging a broader community.

Join us in 2019

We are not an incubator or a venture studio. We are simply a team of blockchain and cybersecurity enthusiasts looking for like-minded folks!

Free Office Space

We have a nice and cozy office that we want to share (for free) with the people/teams that have the most exciting and promising blockchain and cybersecurity projects and ideas.

Access to a Blockchain Experts Network

We have built a substantial network of blockchain experts. By joining us, you will gain facilitated access to this network with whom to share ideas, collect feedback and, maybe even write some lines of code together.

Digital Residency

Would we have more space, more desks we’d share. However, we're also happy to welcome people/projects “digitally”. This means you will be joining our Slack channel and have access to our network too, but you will be working remotely.


Are you an Incubator ?

No. Right now we just want to gather and connect the first wave of blockchain disruptors in Portugal.

How many people can join ?

There’s a limit of two people per team/project and we currently have 6 desks available. But there’s also the chance of joining remotely.

Do you invest in projects or startups ?

We don’t invest any money.

Why are you doing this?

We want to help new decentralized solutions and blockchain startups come to life. Also, we believe in the power of sinergies and serendipity.

Is there an application process ?

Not really, just shoot us an email or message and if what you’re doing is aligned with our mission and vision, we’ll be happy discuss more and invite you to work from our offices for free.

I don’t have any project or team. Can I join ?

Sure. If all you have is an idea and the will to make it happen we are happy to hear about it. We can also connect you to someone in our network that might be in the same situation as you.

Where is your office ?

Downtown Lisbon, next to Baixa-Chiado Metro Station and Praça do Comércio. Address is Largo Adelino Amaro da Costa, 8, 2D. Lisbon, Portugal.

Join us!

If you have an interesting project or want to collaborate in one of ours, get in touch. Shoot us an email god damm it!
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