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We help enterprises, governments and startups identify real blockchain disruption opportunities and work with them towards successful implementation.

Delivering continuous data privacy compliance in a complex environment

The year of 2018 will be remembered as...

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The future of Energy Markets in Smart Cities with Distributed Ledger Technology

As some of you know, we are working on...

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Use Case Development

Make use of our knowledge of cryptography, distributed systems, financial business modeling, and token economics to help your organization explore relevant blockchain technology and application use cases.

Technology Development

We work with you from ideation to prototyping to a fully functioning decentralized platform. We help you build, test, and deploy public and private blockchain solutions.

Venture Development

Partner with blockbird Ventures to develop, deploy, and grow decentralized ventures, leveraging our knowledge, resources, and community.


What we are building

Fiat-Native Blockchain

Permissioned programmable blockchain allowing DApps to operate directly with fiat-money

Ownership Exchange

Decentralized market built on the Ethereum protocol allowing the sale & purchase of green energy certificates

Highly Available Tamper-Proof Audit Logs

An efficient, secure and always available technology to store sensitive audit logs

Decentralized Consent Management Platform

Decentralized platform to secure consents signed by users which can then be verified by external entities

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