Pioneering Blockchain Development in Portugal.

We develop and deploy Ethereum Networks, end-to-end Decentralized Applications and perform Solidity Smart Contracts auditing and security.

Our Blockchain Expertise

Ethereum Network Development using Hyperledger Besu

Organizations are increasingly using blockchain networks to streamline processes, share data in a secure immutable way and transfer value and ownership instantaneously. That is why we have consolidated our expertise around permissioned blockchain network development, following the latest Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Specification and using the Hyperledger Besu client in order to leverage the most advanced permissioning practises; enterprise-grade consensus algorithms for high transaction throughput and fast finality; and ensuring state consistency and direct control over shared private data.

End-to-end Decentralized Application development on Ethereum

Our team has been working with Ethereum since its early days and has acquired a unique set of skills and experience required to develop and deploy end-to-end Decentralized Applications. These include not only Solidity Smart Contracts coding, but also implementing decentralized storage solutions, using blockchain security best-practises and designing appropriate blockchain systems architecture.

A new approach to Smart Contracts Security

We have developed a new solution that allows us to efficiently run different Solidity Static Analysis Tools on your Solidity contracts, and it intelligently assembles the results from these tools and other methodologies to provide a more accurate and errorless final report. These results are then reviewed by our team, that also perform a complete manual auditing of the smart contracts.

We work with Organizations across all stages of solution development

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